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Turbo prop
Passengers: 0 - 19/70


Turboprop aircraft can be the economic alternative for non-stop flights less than 3-4 hours. They can be used to transport 2-3 people up to groups of up to 70 passengers. Depending on the aircraft the cabin interior offers everything from normal airline seating to more spacious and luxurious seating. Beverages and snacks are normally available, but a variety of catering can be arranged. Lavatory is usually available on turboprop carrying 10 passengers or more. Baggage capacity is often limited.

Midsize jet
Passengers: 0 - 20

Midsize jet aircraft offer 1-20 passengers a luxury and efficient transport for non-stop flights less than 4-5 hours. Cruising speed is on average the same as for a normal airliner. The exclusive leather seating can be arranged for a meeting or adjusted for a relaxing time on board. Beverages and snacks are available, but a variety of catering can be arranged. Stewardess is available upon request. A private lavatory is usually standard. A separate baggage compartment can accommodate normal amount of luggage.

Heavy jet
Passengers: 1 - 150

Heavy jet aircraft offer the ultimate flying experience and is the superior choice for non-stop flights up to 10-12 hours. A VIP configured heavy jet will offer you all the amenities you need such as gourmet-catering, entertainment systems, sat-phone, meeting and sleeping facilities. Private lavatory/ies is standard and a stewardess will make sure that you have all you need onboard. A heavy jet can carry 1-45 passengers in VIP configuration or up to 150 passengers in regular airliner configuration. Luggage volume restrictions are normally not an issue.



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